Hello world!

Tickety boo, thank you!  

Friends and colleagues know who it is when I’m on the phone because of my use – or over use,  of this phrase.  And I love it.  It sums up how I like to think.  I like to try to think on the positive side.  I wouldn’t say I’m always successful.  Who is?  But in general I believe that things are just that, tickety boo. And it’s how I reply when someone asks “How are you?”

Welcome to my blog.  I expect it will be a little random.  It is after all me expressing myself on-line 😉  My bestie’s husband describes my brain like this “Ping, ping, ping!” and he wags his hand about randomly like something bouncing about.  So I’m pretty sure that you might find some random stuff cropping up here every now and again.  Mostly I’ll be writing about crochet and yarny stuff with some cakes and cooking thrown in.  I’ll be sharing the results of my hooky habit and hopefully, providing some inspiration.

What’s your phrase?  Is there something that you say often? I’d love to know….